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HP CAD and Technical Media - Plotter Mechanix

HP CAD and Technical Media

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HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (4.7 mil • 90 g/m² • 24 lb)
HP's brightest, low-cost bond for everyday black and color line drawings. Specially treated surface consistently produces crisp line resolution and high contrast color prints.
HP Bright White Inkjet Paper 24" x 150'
C1861A HP Bright White Inkjet Paper 36" x 150'
C6810A HP Bright White Inkjet Paper 36" x 300'
HP Coated Paper (4.7 mil • 90 g/m² • 24 lb)
Ideal for color-accurate everyday prints, working comps, and design proofs. Offers excellent handleability so you can roll or stack time-sensitive documents as soon as they come off the printer. And to help you meet the environmental objectives of your company and your clients, this paper is recyclable.
C6019B HP Coated Paper  24" x 150'
C6020B HP Coated Paper  36" x 150'
C6980A HP Coated Paper  36" x 300'
C6567B HP Coated Paper  42" x 150'
C6568B HP Coated Paper  54" x 150'
HP Heavyweight Coated Paper (6.6 mil • 131 g/m² • 35 lb)
For low-cost, long-term applications such as signs and posters. The bright, matte ink jet paper makes brilliant, colorful, medium ink-density images look crisp and smooth. 
C6029C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  24" x 100'
C6030C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  36" x 100'
C6569C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  42" x 100'
Q1956A HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  42" x 225'
C6570C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  54" x 100'
C6977C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  60" x 100'
Q1957A HP Heavyweight Coated Paper  60" x 225'
HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper (10.4 mil • 200 g/m² • 55 lb
Best-in-class graphic display media that delivers superior image quality without rippling under high ink densities. Designed to maximize output at productive printer speeds, this media features broad application versatility, instant dry time and excellent film laminate compatibility.
Q6626B HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper  24" x 100'
Q6627B HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 36" x 100'
Q6628B HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 42" x 100'
Q6630B HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper 60" x 100'
HP Universal Bond Paper (4.2 mil • 80 g/m² • 21 lb)
An economical paper designed for black and color line drawings. Produces crisp line resolution, and high color contrast prints. 
Q1396A HP Universal Bond Paper  24" x 150'
Q1397A HP Universal Bond Paper 36" x 150'
Q1398A HP Universal Bond Paper 42" x 150'
HP Universal Coated Paper (4.9 mil • 90 g/m² • 24 lb)
See the difference. ColorPRO Technology delivers professional quality and striking results at production speed. More striking colors, crisper text and graphics, and higher-contrast blacks. Optimizes your everyday printing with reliable, trouble-free performance.
HP Universal Coated Paper 24" x 150'
Q1405B HP Universal Coated Paper 36" x 150'
Q1406B HP Universal Coated Paper 42" x 150'
Q1408B HP Universal Coated Paper 60" x 150'
HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper (6.8 mil • 131 g/m² • 35 lbs)
HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper is designed for full color graphics in a variety of applications. Use it for signs that will be frequently changed or replaced. It offers high quality images at a low cost with no glare and fast drying time.
Q1412B HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper 24" x 100'
Q1413B HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper 36" x 100'
Q1414B HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper 42" x 100'
Q1416B HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper 60" x 100'

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