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Graphtec CE7000 Series Cutting Plotters - Plotter Mechanix

Graphtec CE7000 Series Cutting Plotters

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Graphtec CE7000 Series

THE COST / PERFORMANCE LEADING CUTTING PLOTTER CONTINUES TO EVOLVE: The CE7000 Series boasts our Popular Cutting Channel to allow easy perforated cut or through cut operations. The CE7000 Series comes complete with a full complement of Graphtec Software along with Ethernet Connectivity. 

Separate tool positions for contour and die cutting ensures the longevity of your blades and cutting strip when creating decals and graphics that are effortlessly popped out of sheet and roll media.

The CE7000 series works with both PC and MAC platforms and features:

New 8.0 ARMS for Fast and Accurate Print & Cut Applications with XY Compensation  Feature
• Data Link Bar Code Feature for Maximum Productivity
• Easy-to-use USB Thumb Drive Connectivity - No Computer Needed

 Model Description Max Cutting Area (W x L)
CE7000-40  15" Wide Desktop Cutter 15" x 164'
CE7000-60 24" Wide Cutter with Stand 24" x 164'
CE7000-130 50" Wide Cutter with Stand 50" x 164'
  • Max Cut Speed: 24 inches per second
  • Max Cut Force: 450 gf 
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.005 mm 
  • Minimum Character Size: Approx 5 mm alphanumeric
  • Mountable Tool: 1 tool 

View the CE7000 Data Sheet


Part no. Description
PG0103 Basket for CE7000-60
PG0104 Basket for CE7000-130
OPH-A45 Carrier sheet table for CE7000-40 or CE7000-60


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