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Fayon Laminators

Fayon Laminators

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Fayon FY-1600SE 63-inch Hot/Cold Multi Function Laminator

An advanced production machine at an affordable entry-level price.


  • Sturdy construction: supports heavy rolls up to 160 mm (6.3 in.) in diameter
  • Accident prevention: material sensing, optical sensor controlled auto-stop
  • Pneumatically controlled roller pressure
  • Rear slitting device for horizontal cutting, edge trimming and inline print separation
  • User-friendly front and rear control panels with intuitive setup parameters
  • Large diameter silicone roller with self adaptive, anti-stick coating.
  • 64" Aluminum shafts for easy loading and unloading of rolls
  • Heated upper rollers with preset electronic temperature 
  • Variable speeds up to 49 feet per minute 

A high performance laminator suitable for industrial applications.


  • Laminating, mounting and encapsulating prints
  • Applying application tape and double-sided adhesive
  • Ideal for roll media and flat, rigid boards
  • Printed flexible materials
  • Rigid displays
  • Cardboard (Packaging)
  • Vehicle wraps and decals
  • Floor Graphics
  • Backlit Displays
  • Event & exhibition graphics
  • Roll-up banner/Pop-up display
  • Table displays
  • and much more! 

A professional laminator designed for simple operation, every day use, long-term durability and great results.

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