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4 mil Double Matte Film (2-inch core) - Plotter Mechanix

4 mil Double Matte Film (2-inch core)

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4 mil Double Matte Film is a premium polyester (PET) film designed for durable, tear resistant, water resistant and archival requirements. Provides excellent ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity across multiple print technologies as well as exceptional strength and durability for repeated handling. Will not yellow or fade with time or due to ozone exposure. Specially formulated for dimensional stability and treated to minimize shrinkage, distortion, and static. Tear-resistant, water-resistant and erasable.

FINISHING & PRINTING - Allow sufficient time for inkjet prints to completely dry before rolling, laminating or cutting. - Use a sharp blade to prevent ink and toner flaking on the edges

SHELF LIFE - 2 years from ship date

STORAGE CONDITIONS - Temp. 50-85° F (10-30° C), Relative Humidity 30-65%

OPTIMAL SERVICE ENVIRONMENT - Temp. 50-85° F (10-30° C), Relative Humidity 30-65%

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