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Graphtec FC9000 Series High Performance Cutting Plotters - Plotter Mechanix

Graphtec FC9000 Series High Performance Cutting Plotters

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Graphtec FC9000 Series

The flagship FC9000 Series is Graphtec’s most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter to date. Revered around the world for its dependable, high-precision cutting capabilities with both printed and unprinted materials, the FC Series is the ultimate finishing solution for the wide format signage, apparel, and automotive industries. A newly developed feeding system and cutting head has further improved cutting quality of thin and thick materials ranging from delicate window tint to rigid magnet and high intensity reflective.  ARMS 8.0 features the introduction of Graphtec’s Datalink Barcode Datalink System which efficiently loads and processes your jobs automatically.

The Graphtec FC9000 also cuts 7 mil acetate media for the production of PPE face shields to help reduce contagions for medical professionals.

 Model Max Cut Width Max Cutting Area (W x L)
FC9000-75 30 inches 30" x 164'
FC9000-100 42 inches 42" x 164'
FC9000-140 54 inches 54" x 164'
FC9000-160 64 inches 64" x 164'
  • Max Cut Speed: 58.5 inches per second
  • Max Cut Force: 600 gf in 48 steps
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.005 mm 
  • Distance Accuracy: Max 0.1 mm or 0.1% of plotted length
  • Minimum Character Size: Approx 5 mm alphanumeric
  • Mountable Tools, Standard: 1 tool (cutting blade, plotting pen or pouncing tool)
  • Mountable Tools, when (optional) second penholder is installed: 2 tools (cutting blade, and plotting pen)

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Part no. Description
OPH-A43 Automatic Take-up Roller for FC9000-140
OPH-A44 Automatic Take-up Roller for FC9000-160
OPH-A47 Additional Pinch Roller Kit
ECK0013 Second Pen Option for dual-tool configuration
OPH-A21 Media Flange


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