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Qspac Linerless Overlaminate Film

  LE918 LME918 LE828 LME828
Film 1 mil Gloss Polyester 1 mil Matte Polyester 2 mil Gloss Polypropylene 2 mil Matte Polypropylene
Adhesive  Optically clear pressure sensitive acrylic
Total Thickness  1.8 mil 1.8 mil   2.8 mil  2.8 mil
Uses Overlaminate used for a variety of wide format print technologies and media. This product is also recommended for other print processes such as screen and offset printing. Not recommended for floor graphic applications.
Advantages Protect and enhance your printed media, while delivering a lower cost of value, a smaller carbon footprint and ease of application.
Durability 2 years outdoors 6 months outdoors
Application Temperature 65-85°F
Higher degree temperatures may be required for UV prints.
Laminator Settings Nip pressure: 80# - 100# psi,
Line speed: 2-3 feet per minute
Finishing After applying the laminate, allow the finished substrate to lay flat for a min. of 2 hrs cure time before cutting, trimming, or rolling. Laminated material should be wound with laminate facing out to avoid  tunneling.
Storage Conditions 50-85°F, 40-80% RH. Store in original packaging.
Shelf Life One year from ship date when stored in proper conditions.
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